Manganese Greensand


Manganese Greensand

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The Manganese Green Sand has been manufactured from glau conite green sand and it can be used for removal of iron, manganese or it’s combined together. It can be used in open gravity filtration or closed pressure tank filtration system with or without any chemical added.

However, base upon the quality of inlet water oxygen, chlorine and KMnO4 probably might be injected initially before contact to Manganese Green Sand. Due to its catalyst power of MnO2 on the Green Sand bead, it could oxidize iron, manganese in soluble form to insoluble (precipitation) form. These insoluble complexes actually retain between the depths of media and could be discarded during backwashing step later. By the way, after oxidation, MnO2 will be converted to Mn2O3 so far. KMnO4 exactly have been using as regenerant in which it could restore oxidizing power of Manganese Green Sand. So, exhausted Mn2O3 will become fresh MnO2 again.

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