Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle


Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle

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Stainless Steel Lateral pipes are welded structures with the support profiles being rods in the axial direction of the tube and surface profiles spirally wound around the support profiles. The surface profiles, usually V-shaped, are resistance welded onto support profiles. The surface between the surface profiles is controlled very accurately.

The Stainless Steel Nozzles can be used for liquid separation or media retention (resin, sand, carbon…). The nozzles are mounted on the nozzle plate. The dimensions and the distribution of the nozzles on the nozzle plate can be altered to obtain an optimized flow distribution. The liquid or gas can flow through the nozzles while the media is retained in the vessel by the nozzles.


  • Slot Width : 0.2mm or 0.5mm
  • Material : Stainless Steel 304 or Stainless Steel 316

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