Chemical Pump S & N

Chemical Pump S & N

Chemical Pump S & N

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This model is a S5 Series Pumps and it is ideal for use in chemical feed to boilers waste water treatment, the pulp and paper industry and related applications where a controlled volume of chemical treatment is required. The S5 Series is a heavy duty piston metering pump designed for trouble free operation with a minimum of maintenance.

The pump end of the unit utilizes a precision inline machined casting insuring exact alignment of the drive mechanism and the piston head assembly, minimizing wear. The pump is driven by a continuous heavy duty oil filled speed reducer.

The check valves are of the double ball check design to insure accurate metering. The ground and polished piston and double ball check valves are placed on the inlet & outlet of the pump wet end.

The output of the pump is varied from zero to maximum by manually adjusting the piston stroke length.

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