CHM-BEC-207 (Grease Digester)


CHM-BEC-207 (Grease Digester)

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BEC-207 High Impact Grease Digester is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in degrading many types of waste. BEC-207 contains a specially formulated blend of microorganisms, micro/micronutrients, and surface tension suppressants/penetrants.

BEC 207 contains a blend of select microorganisms with a specification of 5.2 x 109 (billion) microorganisms per gm.  Because of the diversity of the microorganism systems incorporated into this product it is excellent for food processing uses for which there requires a particular high impact on fatsoils, and grease.

The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems and are very economical to use.

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