Reverse Osmosis Skid


Reverse Osmosis Skid

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Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis System is a system designed and manufactured in order to remove salts, minerals and any. With the assistance of the Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis system, water can be rid of contaminants through hardness removal then the reverse osmosis. The hardness removal is when ion exchange resin sticks to the hardness in the water which prevents it from proceeding to the next step. Then sodium chloride draws the attraction from the resin, releasing the hardness to be drained. The next step reverse osmosis is the procedure in which an enormous amount of pressure forces water to do the opposite of its natural tendencies. The natural occurrence “Osmosis” is when low salt concentration water moves toward higher concentration water by passing through a semi porous membrane which initially separated the two. Reverse osmosis is when a great amount of pressure from pumps is applied forcing highly concentrated saline to lower concentrated saline. While the saline is being forced to the lower concentration a semi-porous membrane catches unwanted TDS (total dissolved solids) leaving the water pure.

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