Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve V46 Series


Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve V46 Series

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AquaMatic Valve V46 Series

* 1-inch, 1½-inch, and 2-inch “Y” pattern diaphragm valves
* Stainless Steel body and cap

This product is manufactured in the United States of foreign and domestic parts.

Features & Benefits

  • Y-pattern design permits higher flow than other comparably sized diaphragm operated valves
  • Larger diaphragm area compared to seat area permits drip tight closing without any springs
  • Diaphragm acts as an actuator, eliminating the need for electric or pneumatic actuators, which minimizes initial investment and maintenance costs
  • All internal parts are replaceable without removing valve from piping
  • Stainless steel (CF8M) corrosion resistant alloy, all metal internals machined from 316 stainless steel alloy
  • All metal parts are passivated to improve corrosion resistance
  • Reinforced diaphragms are pre-formed and stress relieved to maximize responsiveness and product life
  • Ideal for corrosive applications in paper/pulp, dairy, fuel, and water treatment industries
  • Can be actuated with either air or water as control fluid

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