Mining Silica Sand
Mining Silica Sand
Mining Silica Sand


Mining Silica Sand

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Mining silica sand is a kind of non-metallic ore with complex composition, smooth surface and high content of impurities that generated by repeated collided and rubbed of water for a long time in a natural stone state. Mining sand particles are smooth, relatively clean and with wide source. 

It is cleaner compare with river sand.


Mining graded sand is recomended for household filter, domestic filter, multimedia sand filter for food industry and pharmaceutical industry. 

Mining sand production line

1. Large particle mining sand by vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher to crushed, then crushed stone to the secondary crusher for further crushing;

2. After crushed stones by belt conveyor sent to vibrating screen, then several different specifications gravel and sand that meet the requirements of require size by finished belt conveyor to finished material pile;

3. The stone which does not meet the granularity requirement is sent back to the impact crusher by belt conveyor to be broken again to form a closed circuit multiple cycle.

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