Stainless Steel Multipod Valve


Stainless Steel Multipod Valve

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VP-F56A-SS Manual Multiport Filter Valve

The F56A-SS manual multiport filter valve features a flow rate of 4m³/h and utilizes a corrosion resistant
gasket for opening and closing functions. It can be used as a service, backwash, and fast rinse valve,
even under pressure. With a handle, you can switch the settings easily without turning off the pump or
the power. When selecting a valve setting, make sure to always depress the handle before turning.
Model VP-F56A-SS
Material Plastic come with SUS 304 Stainless Steel Cover
Max. Working Pressure 8 bar
Max. Working Temperature 2 C ~ 50C
Max. Flow Rate 4.0 m3/hr
Inlet/outlet 1”  Female
Mounting Base 2.5”
Filter Tank 6” – 16” Diameter
Inlet Water Turbidity < 20 FTU
Application Sand filter, Activated carbon filter

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